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Our Team

Our Team

Robert Jones

Founder & Winegrower
Robert Jones is a third-generation winegrower who learned life-long lessons as a young man working in the vineyard with his grandfather, Alipio Paculba. Among these lessons were the importance of attention to detail and the honor of labor. These teachings have become the foundation of his philosophy of life.

Jones ventured to the Russian River Valley in the early 1990s accompanied by a small group of wine industry professionals. Their mission was to immerse themselves in the artisan wines made from the region’s quintessential, cool-climate grapes — pinot noir and chardonnay.

During this period of discovery, Jones marveled at the subtle nuances and intricacies that could only be captured in the glass by the region’s small-lot producers. He was introduced to an early champion of the wine region, Winemaker Daniel Moore, a authoritative voice among the community of celebrated vineyardists present at the time.

Daniel Moore

Daniel Moore journeyed to the Russian River Valley in 1983 to pursue his calling for producing handcrafted wines. He was the founding winemaker at both Martinelli Winery and Lynmar Estate — two of California’s most respected pinot noir producers whose continued success is hinged on the legacy Moore left behind. 

Moore oversees all vineyard operations, including a year-round collaboration with the grape growers who provide E16 with the finest fruit available. Each seasonal decision, from winter pruning and spring shoot topping to summer cluster thinning and fall harvest, has a profound effect on wine quality and ageability.

This attention to detail continues in the cellar where even the smallest decision can greatly impact E16’s acclaimed wine program. Moore’s 30-plus years of producing North Coast Pinot Noir and Chardonnay confirms his belief that handling grapes with the lightest possible touch is the only way to capture the expression of a grape’s true persona.

 Each and every bottle produced by E16 Wines is a reflection of the land that is farmed with care and dignity by our distinguished winegrowing partners.